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What is: Instant Access®? The Next Step After ICE

After the London bombings, a doctor in England started the
ICE (In Case of Emergency) notation for cell phones. In less than eight weeks Google has gleaned over two million entries referring to this
concept. Every major television network has reported on this
phenomenon. It has been front-page news around the world.

Prime Minister Tony Blair believes in this so deeply he honored people who saved lives using ICE with a reception in his official home at 10 Downing Street.

Instant Access® is the next logical step. Not only is it the next logical step it will be forever inextricably linked with ICE as it will
be the next entry in every wireless phone's address book as ICE is In Case of Emergency. Instant Access® will always follow.

ICE is only an emergency contact number. Instant Access® goes well beyond that to include emergency information like doctor's contacts, insurance coverage and an array of password protected personal information such as allergies, conditions, medications and in the post-Terri Schaivo era it lets caregivers know if you have a Living Will.

Instant Access® is not only the next logical step after ICE it will be the next listing on almost everyone's phonebook.

What info is included?


Level 1
Responder hits Instant Access(r) and immediately gets:
  • Name of phone owner (if Family Plan you get actual possessor and account holder)
  • Age
  • Height/Weight
  • Hair/eyes
  • Physician's contact info
  • Insurance coverage
  • Y/N on Organ Donation/{Living Will/POA}, Accept Transfusion
Level 2
  • Allergies
  • Conditions
  • Medications
  • PIN Protected (PINs given to PD/FD, EMTs, schools, hospitals- set up by type of responder and changed twice a month)